Saturday, April 28, 2007


Picked up my very first CSA* box yesterday (I have to thank Mel for telling me about these). Lots of salad greens, spinach, baby leeks, turnips, white radishes, oregano, and rosemary. I cooked the turnips tonight and washed up all the salad greens so that salad will be easy all week, and then tomorrow I'll turn the spinach and leeks and some of the herbs into something quiche-like, with eggs and cheese and a crust (maybe -- if I don't feel like making a crust, it'll be a frittata instead). Not sure what I will do with the radishes; I don't really like radishes, unfortunately. Maybe I'll try one on a salad and see if these are more my style than the usual supermarket red sort. It would be nice if SO were around to help eat and enjoy all the bounty!

*CSA=Community Supported Agriculture. You pay a fixed amount in advance to a local farm, and then for a specified number of weeks, you get a box of whatever was harvested that week. So fresh, local, often organic (mine is, yay!) produce.


Sarah said...

Our farmer's market has CSA baskets but they work a little differently. You take a basket to different vendors and can fill with any veggies you want each week. Do you get a box every week?

Dr. Moonbeam said...

Every week, yes; although I didn't get it last week (by prearrangement) since I was out of town for a meeting from Wednesday through Sunday.

The farm that does this also sells at the farmer's market and through a co-op that we sometimes buy through, but the CSA is a separate arrangement.